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2011-05-17 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Shortest KGS 9d vs 9d game of 2010

In a previous gosensations article ('KGS archive: shortest KGS games'), 'breakfast' showed a game played in 2006 where 'bigbadwolf' was crushed (in less than 50 moves) by 'Mortician' - he made a mistake in the nadare joseki. You can check that game at

It is curious that the shortest 9d vs. 9d game of 2010 was also played by 'bigbadwolf'. This time, he did not lose because of a mistake in the avalanche joseki - as you can see, he avoided those complicated variations with White 10. I think his problems started with White 24 (R3), when he let Black cut his group into two weak groups (Black 29). I added the normal way for White to play in the corner (White 24 at S3). The result up to 31 looks quite painful for White... Black also got the key point in the center with 49 (K7), and again White was not careful, so his group at the bottom ended up being surrounded and captured.

White resigned after move 61. It is fun to watch something like this happening in high-level games (-:


5d ( AW ) 2011-05-19 04:05
r2 @ m2 looks like more fun for w

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