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Servers | KGS | 'twoeye' 7d beats 'smartrobot' 9d for the third time in a row! (on 2 stones handicap)



2011-05-14 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (4.7)  3 ratings

'twoeye' 7d beats 'smartrobot' 9d for the third time in a row! (on 2 stones handicap)

 It is quite hard to give handicap to KGS 7-dans and win, even for professionals. 'smartrobot' has actually won a few handicap games against 'twoeye', but recently it seems that two stones are too much for him. In their last three games, 'twoeye' was always able to win without much trouble. But how hard is it to beat him in a handicap game?

 'twoeye' almost only plays even games, but when he receives handicap his winning statistics are not very good: this is actually the first handicap game he won in a while. Even last month, 'jove', 'MilanMilan' and 'lsai' have all beaten him with two handicap stones. It is true that they are all pros, but even 'bojim', an amateur from France, gave him 2 handicap stones and won by over 20 points (was it luck?).

The game that you can see here is fun to watch (please note Black 54 - P12 - does that remind you of anything? (-:). It was a fighting game and White played well, but in the end his moyo in the center became too small, so 'smartrobot' eventually resigned (in the end he was behind by 10 points or so). Enjoy! 


25k ( US ) 2011-05-22 07:05
Amazing win for teoeye! Smartrobot is very strong and some people say that Smartrobot is the best! Twoeye surley did show them wrong!
another win
2011-05-17 02:05
you can add another win with MilanMilan! (again with two stones)
9d ( GB ) 2011-05-15 03:05
twoeye the best

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