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Servers | Dragongoserver | An interview with "Shilba", DGS 5-dan

2009-03-24 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

An interview with "Shilba", DGS 5-dan

Alexander Golovaty (Shilba on DGS) is only 2dan in Russia, but he has outstanding results on DGS.
His score is 56 wins -8 losses (88%) and he is 5-dan on the server.
We decided to ask him few questions.

- Do you use computer programs and databases for playing on DGS?
- Yes, it's allowed, so lot of DGS players use them

- Which program do you prefer?
- I use Smartgo for searching positions (fuseki, joseki) and Multigo for printing game records

- How do you think, who is currently the strongest player on DGS?
- Honza Hora, Merlijn Kuin and LVXUNHUA, according to DGS rating. LVXUNHUA from China has better results with stronger opponents, so he is number 1, I think

- Do you play on other servers?
- I almost stopped now. I was 1-2 dan on KGS one year ago

Here you can find his recent victory against Frank Janssen, 6-dan from Holland, who was one of the best players in Europe about 20 years ago


2009-03-30 04:03
Frank can be 7-8 dan on KGS, Shilba was 1-2dan, as he said, so the difference is near 6 ranks.
If you play on KGS, you must be good at blitz - it's the main reason. It's harder and harder to see slow games on this server.
Robert M Gogo
( US ) 2009-03-30 09:03
I also noticed players on DGS that have their rating on KGS lower by up to 3 levels but also others with higher rating by up to 3 levels. One could imagine two players with exact same rating on DGS and 6 levels of difference on KGS. I wonder what is the source of this difference.
Is it just that some players are faster in deciding where to play, or they are better in tactics than strategy, or they like to risk more, or something else?

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