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2009-04-01 Expert: Robert M Gogo Rate: (3)  2 ratings

How a professional deals with high handicap.

A handicap with more than 9 stones is not unusual on DGS and there are discussions from time to time on how the rating algorithm should work in these kind of cases.
In any case, it is rare to see a professional playing against high handicap not to mention over 9 stones.
Yet you have such an opportunity now. 5p, a well known Go teacher living in the Netherlands, played this 11-handicap teaching game.

On the first glance, it might look like white didn't have a chance but if there was a white stone at m6 then white could hope to win with j6.

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8d ( US ) 2009-12-10 12:12
Handicap is part of go lesson. If you want to win handicap game versus any pro or strong player, Joey Hung 8 dan will teach you how. Check out for details.

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