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2009-04-07 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.5)  2 ratings

Do you remember Aguilar's triumph on Toyota cup?

You may remember Aguilar’s triumph on Toyota&Denso cup, when he beet two 9-dans straight –

Hasegawa and Yo Kagen.

It was not his first game with Yo. Few years before the tournament they played once on IGS.

That time Aguilar lost on 2 stones!

Even if you are 2 stones stronger, there is no guarantee that you can win 10 from 10 games on even. Go is a

complicated game and everything can happen here.

Here is that game, which Aguilar lost on 2 stones.

unsou = Yo Kagen
1482-492, 8-dan on IGS
last access: May 27, 2005

And here is the game Fernando won on even: Go4Go


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