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Servers | IGS | "Bee", 8-dan - The last Korean professional on IGS?


2009-03-31 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.8)  5 ratings

"Bee", 8-dan - The last Korean professional on IGS?

There are only 2 Koreans in IGS best 100 list. V7, IGS ranking #4 is very
strong, but I believe he is an amateur. Top amateur who is not weaker than
Lee Kibong, 7-dan, at least.
IGS ranking #5 is "bee", 8-dan. He started to play on IGS almost 10 years ago.
I am almost sure that he is Chang Suyong, 9-dan professional. His nickname is
"bee" and the style is similar. Chang's Go is very defensive - he never fights,
if he can keep the game simple.  Bee, 8-dan plays very peacefully too.
About his scores:
 Bee has 5-7 score with agasa (Yamashiro Hiroshi, 9-dan)
 2-0 with bakon (Yamashita Keigo, 9-dan)
 2-0 with May (Hikosaka Naoto, 9-dan)
 0-3 with You (Kobayashi Satoru, 9-dan)
All these games were played 7-8 years ago - that time Chang was younger and stronger.
In 80's-90's he was in best 5 in Korea, so there is nothing strange with his score against
Top japanese pros.

Most of his games are dull, but I found one interesting battle. Enjoy!


2kyu 2009-04-03 12:04
Bee simple and clear go feels very good .
It is some times nice to watch a pro level cool solid way of playing.
To me it seems w overplayed a lot
what helped bee get a very good result very fast
n2 was very clearly a bad move and a misreading by w

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