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2011-12-01 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  9 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup : "CrazyAga" vs. "Lurk(P)"

         "CrazyAga" is a kind of ghost on Tygem.  He has long periods of disappearance, what makes me think that this very strong player has another handle too. The account was made in October 2006, directly as 9D, because he is an accredited pro, with a P in his Korean handle. From November 2010 till August 2011, he didn't play not even one game and I thought he gave up this account forever. Perhaps to contradict me, he came back.
         The funny thing about "CrazyAga" (and somehow a coincidence with the comments from the last post) is that he was supposed to be Park Junghwan. This rumor may have a logic. Park was very young, then he became very strong and was not so pleased with the former results of "CrazyAga", so that he made that new account "idontca1". Maybe just another coincidence is that "idontca1" started to play in August 2009 and that month "CrazyAga" has not played at all.
          Now "kishakyuu" (who has always very interesting and pertinent comments) suggests that "Dcember(P)" might also be Park Junghwan, due to some similarities in style with "idontca1".
         These are the rumors aroused from people's curiosity during the years. Somehow they don't fit, because it is very unlikely that Park entered the tournament under 3 different accounts. Now let's go back to reality and see how strong "CrazyAga" really is. He won in just 131 moves against "Lurk(P)" and, believe me, the Chinese player is a hard nut, almost impossible to be broken in this way.

                                  "CrazyAga" 9D (Korea) : 242 - 155 (36365 p)

                                 "Lurk(P)" 9D (China)  : 671 - 392 (37078 p)

         "HanSHoon" (Han Sang Hoon, 5P, Korea)  defeated  "LianX(P)" (China) by 6,5 p

         "Light(P)" (China)  defeated "Howgee" (Korea) by resignation

2013-08-07 10:08
2011-12-03 06:12
It's interesting.
The only problem is that "Dcember(P)" played also in the King of Kings and was eliminated on June 17th ( by "xg(P)".
Then the same question arises: Was Lee Sedol allowed to play in the same tournament with two different accounts ("gjopok" and "Dcember(P)")?
2011-12-03 02:12
Thanks for your kind words parik. As it's name stands, I've always found this site as the most suitable place to express my "feelings" or, maybe, more correctly "sensations" on professional players playing online. Generally (or...OK, sometimes :), I try not to post a comment if I can't support my "feeling" with an evidence. In this case, my suspicions related with "Dcember(P)" arosed in a little bit strange way. In the beginning, the first signal came like that: I was just observing an ordinary game of my favorite player (as you would already perceive) "idontca1" against a strong chinese player. In this game, eventhough he tried so hard, he was beaten badly (due to problems in the opening, I suppose), and immediately after the game, he disconnected (I know this because I wanted to check his RP, T-points etc.), and after about 1-2 mins, other chinese player began a new game with "Dcember(P)". From the very beginning there were about 200 observers and the Korean was playing extremely fast as if something happened (Truely, I imagined him as very fierce). And then, a similar thing happened some days later: "idontca1" left and "Dcember(P)" came with all his tempo, but to play with another top chinese. Last but not least, as I mentioned earlier, they always choose the same opponents: "top Chineses". After all -taking also into the consideration of similar sharp styles- I came to a conclusion which seems quite reasonable: these two ID belongs to actually one player: Park Junghwan... Which I believe until today :( When I made a deeper research, I found simultaneous games (3 mins difference) of these IDs played on 2011/09/06, which make my guess trash. Moreover, by the help of an another evidence -which can also help you to fulfill the 9th Tong Yang tournement schedule- no more suspicion (if there would any) can last: "idontca1" and "Dcember(P)" both play in the round of last 16, here you can find the link:

Also, in this table, you can see that the last champion, "gjopok", doesn't involve in the tournement with the same account, therefore, driving me to make my last "sensation": "Dcember(P) = gjopok = Lee Sedol"
2011-12-02 12:12
I reffered to the walnut fruit, no other meaning.
2k ( FR ) 2011-12-02 11:12
"the Chinese player is a hard nut, almost impossible to be broken" Ni?В§ce expression, and nie article.
Thx Parik.

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