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2011-11-30 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup : D(e)cember in November

          All the games from the last day of November were beautiful, so it was a difficult task which one to choose. The decisive factor was probably my sympathy for "wulu123" (he has such a nice attacking style), although this time he lost to a great Korean player, "Dcember(P)".
         The game started in a stunning fast tempo, with more than 30 moves in less than 1 minute. My feeling was that the Korean was the one who forced that tempo. When things got more and more complicated, "Dcember(P)" began to play slower until he went into overtime. When that happened, "wulu123" had still 12 minutes left. Being under attack on multiple fronts and under time pressure, the "winter man" survived miraculously every time with minimal losses. When "wulu123" was again  closer to kill a big group, in the last critical moment, "Dcember(P)" found a saving KO, with 169 at A10 !
         It would be not excluded that the luck to have played a role somewhere. Hard to say. However, if "Dcember(P)" won, it means he was the better player. Yes, it was December in November!

                               "Dcember(P)" 9D (Korea) : 143 - 79 (36371 p)
                               14 - 2  last games

                               "wulu123" 9D (China) : 180 - 37 (37593 p)

      "hope(P)" (China)  -  "ThrillLove" (Korea)  by resignation
      "allKO(P)" (China)  -  "4Kgrubby1" (Korea)  by resignation
      "Dcember(P)" (Korea)  -  "wulu123" (China)  by resignation
      "kingater" (Korea)  -  "FenNu(P)" (China)  by 0,5 p!


      "HanSHoon" 5P (Korea)  -  "LianX(P)" (China)
      "Howgee" (Korea)  -  "Light(P)" (China)
      "CrazyAga" (Korea)  -  "Lurk(P)" (China)


      "fangchun" (China)  -  "zfwd" (China)
      "wjx(P)" (China)  -  "fywz111" (China)


2011-12-01 12:12
By the way, the special group had special qualification rules. "Dcember(P)" lost to "xxoopp", "kingater" lost to "Strive(P)", "chaos(P)" lost to "allKO(P)" and they all reappeared later.
2011-11-30 11:11
I think "Dcember(P)" is a top player and I wrote once an article about him at:
It might be a parallel handle, as he disappears for some periods of time. If both accounts belong to Park Junghwan, as you suggest, that means he was allowed to reenter the tournament, after "idontca1" lost to "hua".
You can call me Parik.
2011-11-30 10:11
Wow, what a coincidence! Mr. Stefanov, actually, I had just intended to write a comment about my observation on "Dcember(P)" in "" before seeing your new article, it's really peculiar for me :) I was just going to say that the "list of massacres" of "idontca1" and "Dcember(P)" are exteremly similar as well as their playing style, maybe Junghwan's pro account?

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