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2011-11-29 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  4 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup : No more FANTASY...(P)

           As anticipated, new names are revealed out of nowhere during this stage (at least that way I perceive them). Implicitly, the pairing system remains a mystery. This aura of mystery still has its charm. The pleasure of watching such beautiful games is greater than the troubles caused by poor information.
           "ddcg" emerged from the elusive special group to punish "FANTASY(P)". He seems to be the Tygem guy responsible with getting people back on earth, just when they begin to dream up all kinds of great records. If you remember, he barred the path of "gametheory" (59 - 0) and "BC2012" (50 - 0), bringing their first losses. Those defeats were so painful, that they both have stopped playing anymore.
           It was FANTASY(P)'s turn  to be the next victim of the fierce "ddcg". The dream for a place in the last 8 or for more, which began after that lovely win against "Marriag(P)", ended now in a bitter note, since he had virtually no chance to win the game above. Every time when "FANTASY(P)" tried something fancy, like 65 at R8 or 83 at E16, "ddcg" was ready to respond with the best defense.

                              "ddcg" 9D (China) : 872 - 326 (388111 p)
                              5 - 0 last games

                             "FANTASY(P)" 9D (China) : 273 - 195 (35972 p)

           There were 2 other games played today :

           "jiangwj" 5P (China) defeated "gleaming (Korea) by 4,5 p

           "kongm(P)" (China) defeated "Orient(P)" (Korea) by 2,5 p


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