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2011-09-20 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  5 ratings

Fallen heroes

         The last Tygem undefeated heroes , "BC2012" and "Verlander" lost their ephemeral aura of invincibility.
         "ddcg" is  the fear of all record hunters, after he stopped "gametheory"  (59 - 0) and  "BC2012" (50 - 0) from their race to... infinity.  He has now 12 consecutive wins, with the last loss against his traditional opponent "idontca1" (Park Junghwan, 9P).  The more I watch his games the more I like him.
         As I said, the only way for someone to remain invincible is not to play anymore. Let's just add, not to play anymore or, at least,  avoid the merciless "ddcg"!
         The baseball lover "Verlander" had a moment of grace when he made a sensational performance against  "930115" (Tang Weixing), a game of a kind that is very rarely seen. Such a game can create a state of euphoria and, in my opinion, he had to wait a little bit and to apply the "Verlander Delay" before the next game. "Verlander Delay" is a concept from baseball (to put off a baseball game because of a possible threat of rain), but it may very well apply to any other sport in its extended form : to put something off, because you know you'll do a better job if you do it later or because there is a chance that you could do it wrong at the improper moment.
         It is easy for me to talk about theoretical principles from outside, but I really think that the perfume of that incredible game made him drunk and he had to wait until he was completely cured of his own spell. Unfortunately, it was exactly as I feared that the story will end. "Verlander" played against "Lurk(P)" like a dazed man and  snapped in the most painful way, without a real fight. Another dream is over too soon. Still I hoped, till the last stone,  for that miracle to last more...

                                    "ddcg" 9D, China : 784 - 282 (38965 p)
                                    12 - 0  last games

                                    "BC2012" 9D, Korea : 50 - 1 (36650 p)

                                    "Verlander" 9D, Korea : 44 - 1 (36223 p)

                                    " Lurk(P)" 9D, China : 454 - 290 (36722 p)


2011-09-26 05:09
(P) means that he is confirmed as a professional player by Tygem (even if he remains anonymous to us).
Many professionals still prefer to register as anonymous and not to disclose their status at the same time.
3k ( RU ) 2011-09-26 09:09
Lurk(P) what does it mean "(P)"? Protoss? =)
2011-09-21 03:09
man i wish i could go onto tygem! it seems like the place to be. dang this mac of mine!

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