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2011-09-17 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

Crazy game (catch me if you can!) : "Verlander" vs. "930115"

              Verlander is a famous pitcher, from the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball, who has broken many records and is very loved by baseball fans and commentators.
              Now we have a "Verlander" on Tygem  and it looks like he is going to break some records here too. I still don't know how to classify him. He has just entered the 9D club (with a 40 - 0 score) where he won the first 4 games. His style is incredible, a kind of strange mixture between Go and baseball, if we do the same connection. He joined the club with the baseball bat, determined to hit all the balls (not to be misinterpreted).
             The next game against "930115" (Tang Weixing, one of my favorite players) is absolutely amazing. By coincidence, my first article on Go Sensations was about how Tang punished a newcomer with a similar score here.
              As I said several times, Tang is a tactical "monster" (that's why I like him so much) and I cannot imagine a better test for a newcomer than to play against him.
              Only that this time things went differently. "Verlander" chose the tactic of "catch me if you can". Against "930115" this unusual tactic may lead to bankruptcy, because chances are very high that he will catch you. Miraculously it did not happen. The Chinese player hunted unsuccessfully one group after another and eventually he himself was hunted and captured! Or, as in baseball, all the balls thrown were rejected.
              I just stared at the board without understanding anything! Well, a miracle happened and I can only wonder how long it will last.

                                        "Verlander" 9D, Korea : 44 - 0 (36384 p)
                                        4 - 0   as 9D

                                       "930115" 9D (Tang Weixing, 3P) China : 847 - 412 (37519 p)



2011-09-18 02:09
This game is fascinating!
2011-09-18 11:09
Thx for showing! One of the best games I saw on Go servers!
Finally B killed almost everything on the Go board!
B has very unusual playing style. My guesses: Seo Bongsu or Park Youngchan.
Young Go stars like Park Chunghwan or Kang Dongyun have completely different styles usually

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