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Servers | Tygem | King of Kings (last 16) : First games today as last 18 ! New players, new schedule.

2011-06-22 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  4 ratings

King of Kings (last 16) : First games today as last 18 ! New players, new schedule.

           We must pay a price for the lack of information in English. I am a little confused, but I have to adapt to the new situation. The last 16 became last 18, with some infusion of Korean 9P power : "idontca1" (supposed to be Lee Sedol) and "charisma24" (Cho Hanseung). As you can see from the next schedule, only 7 players qualify for the quarter-finals, so another mysterious account is waiting to come to the next stage,  in order to complete the last 8.
        Logically, this player should be the winner of last edition. I have no idea if the tournament was disputed in 2010, because  there were information only about the tournament from 2009, with "Marriag(P)" as winner. But if "Marriag(P)" comes, I'll have another headache, as he must be "YHPak" (Park Yeonghun). Better wait and see.

        "idontca1"                                                         > ( June 23 )
        "lxlx" - "rrx"  ( June 22 )  

        "zhoury"                                                            > ( June 23 )
        "wulu123" - "xg(P)"  ( June 22 )

        "gjopok"                                                             > ( June 24 )
        "kongm(P)" - "Strive(P)"  ( June 22 )

        "sxkr"                                                                  > ( June 24 )
        "FanTuan(P)" - "allKO(P)"  ( June 23 )

        "silent(P)" - "Iamcoming"                                  > ( June 27 )

        "charisma24" - "tmch"                                       > ( June 27 )

        "YHPak" - "whitetee"                                         > ( June 27 )


2011-06-23 07:06
I must say that even if this confuses some people it still has the excitement of the element of surprise.

Weren't most of the players who did not have to start from the beginning of the tournament (but were seeded) Koreans? If so then for a Chinese to win the tournament one would need to remember how hard they had to work for it.

No matter who wins, this is a wonderful and exciting tournament and I hope the will hold it every year... why not every 6 months? :)

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