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2011-06-21 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  5 ratings

King of Kings (last 32) : Who is "allKO(P)" ?

           It is human nature to try to solve mysteries. Tygem mystery lies in the players real names. In some cases we know these names, but others are only rumors.
          The handle "allKO(P)" was registered on September 18, 2009. He was accredited as pro, so he started immediately from 9D level and won 14 games in a row. It was very clear, from the beginning, that we were dealing with a top player. For a long time, due to a wonderful style and impressive results,  suspicions were directed to Gu Li, 9P. The questionable part was that Gu Li had too many handles. He was supposed to be "anchampion" and "4k_grubby", at the same time. Not long ago, I discovered that "4k_grubby" could not be Gu Li and he was in fact Liu Xi (3P).
         Today I come with big news and this might be a surprise : "allKO(P)" is in fact Chen Yaoye, 9P ! I like Chen very much, I like his steady and neat style. In his recent interview, "MilanMilan" (Liu Yuanbo), the KGS star, said  highly appreciative words about Chen. Chen Yaoye was the most famous player that Liu defeated some years ago, after they both became professionals and I let him continue : "It was my last win against him. He had made so much progress in such short time that I could barely withstand him two years later."
        Chen Yaoye has stormed the GO world in 2006, when he reached the LG Cup Final, at the age of 16. By coincidence, he lost that final to Gu Li. Will he be  one day the number one in the world, as predicted by many ?
        The game "allKO(P)" - "wubianqy" is a jewel, in my opinion. Black won many exciting fights, some of them involving critical KOs, but white managed somehow to build a frame on the left side that could be promising. I was very curious to see how will black handle the situation there. He started with 127 at C13 and what seemed to be very difficult for many, proved to be simple for this great player.
      As expected, "YHPak" (Park Yeonghun) won easily against "LingS(P)", but  "810214" missed his chance to be the third Korean qualified for the next round and lost to "sxkr". I guess this round will be scheduled soon, if they want to finish the tournament until the end of June.

                               "allKO(P)" 9D (Chen Yaoye, 9P) Korea : 309 - 124 (37266 p)
                               9 - 0 last games

                               "wubianqy" 9D, China : 10 - 10 (35471 p)

                      Last 16

          "gjopok" (Korea) - "silent(P)" (China)
          "kongm(P)" (China) - "FanTuan(P)" (China)
          "allKO(P)" (China) - "Strive(P)" (China)
          "Iamcoming" (China) - "tmch" (China)
          "zhoury" (China) - "rrx" (China)
          "YHPak" (Korea) - "xg(P)" (China)
          "lxlx" (China) - "sxkr" (China)
          "whitetee" (China) - "wulu123" (China)


2011-06-22 01:06
Upper right pattern looks strange. I never saw it before, but B is much better here. So many points! And W's wall is almost useless

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