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2011-06-12 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  5 ratings

King of Kings (R5) : "xg(P)" vs."yatasty"

          The last day of round 5 ended with a big surprise : "yatasty" (Mok Jinseok, 9P, Korea) is out. Am I right to say it was a big surprise, when I know almost nothing about the player who did it ?
         All I know about "xg(P)" is that he is a pro, as seen from his (P). I also guess that he created this account specially for this tournament, as he has very few games played, so it's hard to appreciate his true strength yet. When the bets have been concluded, they have been overwhelming for Mok : 93%. The funny thing is that I bet on the Chinese player, just because at that time bets were 100% in favor of  Mok. I did it for fun and I was convinced that my money (t-points) is lost. "yatasty" was my favorite too, but the gambler in me didn't let me bet on the player who had 100% of the vote. Such a bet brings almost nothing.
         And now look at this beautiful fight.  I think it's fantastic (not because I won some useless t-points, let's forget about it). Who can defeat a player of Mok's caliber in this manner ?  The things took a weird twist, when white attacked, with his weak and small group of stones (J14, J15, J16), a bigger black group on the left. In my opinion, that was the moment that left its mark on the entire game and since then the  play was extraordinary.
         Just for the record, this was the only point made by China against Korea in the last day of round 5. Now we have to wait to see the pairings for the next round. How will they finally reach the classical diagram with the power of 2?

                                        "xg(P)" 9D, China : 12 - 5 (35188 p)

                                        "yatasty" 9D (Mok Jinseok, 9P) Korea : 364 - 131 (38752 p)

                   June 11 (results)

        "xg(P)" (China)       -  "yatasty" (Korea) by resignation
        "kingater" (Korea)  -  "ChenMO(P)" (China) by time
        "810214" (Korea)     -    "zwfd(P)" (China) by 5,5 p
        "dark(P)" (Korea)   -    "ywl(P)" (China) by resignation
        "LingS(P)" (China)  - "MOmo(P)" (China) by resignation

    Here is the complete list of the 29 players qualified for the next round (last 32?)
    Needless to say they are all 9D on Tygem and  highly likely all professionals.

    1. "rrx"                    (Wang Lei, 8 P, China)
    2. "whitetee"           (China)
    3. "lengyuye"          (China)
    4. "Dcember(P)"    (Korea)
    5. "Iamcoming"      (China)
    6. "tmch"                 (China)
    7. "kobra"               (Park Junghwan, 9P, Korea ??)
    8. "gjopok"             (Cho Hunhyun, 9P, Korea)
    9. "silent(P)"           (China)
    10. "kongm(P)"      (China)
    11. "FanTuan(P)"  (China)
    12. "YHPak"          (Park Yeonghun, 9P, Korea)
    13. "allKO(P)"       (China, ? to be continued...)
    14. "Strive(P)"       (China)
    15. "IamVVIP"      (Korea)
    16. "ShuYX(P)"     (China)
    17. "zhoury"          (Zhou Ruiyang, 5P,  China)
    18. "gaoshan"        (Kong Jie, 9P, China ??)
    19, "wubianqy"     (China)
    20. "wulu123"       (China)
    21. "lxlx"               (China)
    22. "parang(P)"    (Korea)
    23. "sxkr"              (China)
    24. "wldop"           (Korea)
    25. "kingater"       (Lee Yeongkyu, 8P, Korea)
    26. "810214"         (Korea)
    27. "xg(P)"            (China)
    28. "dark(P)"        (Korea)
    29. "LingS(P)"      (China)


1d ( RO ) 2011-06-13 02:06
whats more interesting is that the game is pretty close right now. maybe w wins with komi.
4d 2011-06-12 03:06
Like the list of accounts with possible identities :-)
Hopefully its more complete by the end!!

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