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2011-06-10 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  5 ratings

King of Kings (R5) : "zhoury" (Zhou Ruiyang) vs. "yumekaze"

          As I predicted, only competitors from China and Korea have remained in the tournament, due to the fact that "zhoury" (Zhou Ruiyang) defeated "yumekaze", the last samurai, the last player who did not belong to the 2 superpowers. What I did not anticipate was how heroically has fought the Japanese samurai.
          Zhou had black and took control of the game which seemed to move toward a denouement without history. The Japanese  then made a sensational move, W100 at D9 (!), that caused uproar among the observers. Zhou, on his turn, responded in a totally unexpected way, with B101 at B5 (!). It was a very exciting moment. Next, the Chinese number one played wonderful, like he was never in danger, and won by 5,5 p. But in the eyes of an amateur player like me and many other viewers, that was a moment of doubt : is it possible to see a big surprise ?
        For those who do not know yet, Zhou caused a stir some time ago with his account "GoldHammer". You can read more about it at :
        My only confusion is why such a great player, China's number one, has only 5 P ?

        The most dramatic game of the day was between "sxkr" and "qnfaud". "sxkr" is a wonderful player and I like his style very much. I once posted one of his games against "kobra" (when they mistakenly believed that kobra was Kim Seong Ryong, 9P) at :
      "sxkr" was ahead about 10 points against "qnfaud" (who is a Korean pro ), when he lost his connection. He was able to reconnect, then he lost connection again. If someone is disconnected 5 times, even if he comes back, they give the game to the other side. Normally the time limit for a disconnection is 5 minutes. He lost connection for the third time. I wonder what was in his soul, when almost 8 minutes passed and he tried desperately to come back for the third time, as not to lose a winning game, in a tournament with 130,000 USD fund prize ! Luckily for him, the time limit for a disconnection at this important event was raised to 10 minutes and he managed to reconnect and to finish the game.

                            "zhoury" ( Zhou Ruiyang, 5P, China): no rated games under this pro account
                            "GoldHammer" 9 D : 550 - 196 (39699 p !)

                            "yumekaze" 9 D, Japan : 507 - 366 (36346 p)

                    June 10 (results)

        "zhoury" (Zhou Ruiyang, 5P, China)  -  "yumekaze" (Japan) by 5,5 p
        "gaoshan" (China)  -   "Anycall11" (Korea) by resignation
        "wubianqy" (China)  -  "kmomo(P)" (Korea) by 5,5 p
        "wulu123" (China)  -  "Kyo(P)" (Korea) by resignation
        "lxlx" (China)  -  "Demon(P)" (China) by 1,5 p
        "parang(P)" (Korea)  -  "oldmemory" (China) by resignation
        "sxkr" (China)  -  "qnfaud" (Korea) by 4,5 p
        "wldop" (Korea)  -  "WuYu(P)" (China) by resignation

                 June 11 (last day of this stage)
        All players are professionals
        MOmo(P) won the selection of the Oriental Dragon tournament to be here

        "ChenMO(P)" (China)  -  "kingater" (Lee Yeongkyu, 8P, Korea)
        "810214" (Korea (P))  -  "zwfd(P)" (China)
        "xg(P)" (China)  -  "yatasty" (Mok Jinseok, 9P, Korea)
        "ywl(P)" (China)  -  "dark(P)" (Korea)
        "LingS(P)" (China)  -  "MOmo(P)" (China)


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