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2011-05-27 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

"idontca1" in a slump. Is he really Lee Sedol ?

       Until we learn how and when the next stage of King of Kings will take place, let's talk about other interesting events from Tygem every day life.
       "idontca1" goes through a very bad time. Very unusual for him, he just lost 5 games in a row. Well, he is supposed to be Lee Sedol, the best player on this planet. We like to believe in our heroes, but, if I don't ask this question, someone else surely will : Is "idontca1" really Lee Sedol ?
       Reasons to say yes :
    a) His games are very attractive, full of fighting spirit, unexpected moves and tactical blows.
    b) He wanted to remain anonymous (as he registered this account as 5D in 2009), but the results have  betrayed  him : 20 - 0 as 5D, 20 - 0 as 7D, 15 - 0 as 9D (so he started with a 55 - 0 score) and then 19 - 1 as 9D.
    c) Between 1.02 - 10.02.2011, against the best Chinese players his score was 16 - 0.
    d) He is challenging only top Chinese players who can beat anyone. His last score is 0 - 5, but let's see against whom :
     0 - 2  against "allKO(P)", supposed to be Gu Li, 9P, the recent winner of a preliminary group in King of Kings
     0 - 1  against "ddcg" (38398 p). You can see another game between them here :
     0 - 2  against "oneboat" and you can read more about this player at :
     Losing against such strong opponents could happen to anybody.
    e) His games always attract a large number of observers.

       Reasons to say no :
    a) It's just a rumor. Until we hear from Lee Sedol himself that this is his account, we cannot believe it.
    b) His rating is too low : 36882 p.
    c) The results are too fluctuating.
    d) Sometimes he loses too much, unlikely for number 1 player in the world.
    e) This is a very serious argument coming from "bohdan" (he made another pertinent comment in the past). On April 27, "idontca1" played 2 games (against "sxkr" and "nextwek(P)") in a 2 hours interval, while Lee Sedol confronted Gu Li in BC Card Cup (You see Lee Sedol playing Gu Li at BC Card Cup in white picture).

      However, "bohdan" leaves a door open for those of us who hope "idontca1" to be Lee Sedol. It is possible that, from time to time, this account to be used by Lee Sedol's brother, who is also a professional player. This theory is plausible and could be the answer to some of our questions.

                              "idontca1" 9D (Lee Sedol ??) Korea : 156 - 56 (36882 p)
                              "allKO(P)" 9D (Gu Li, 9P) China : 288 - 118 (37121 p)


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tiffsguica 2013-08-07 10:08
2011-05-28 11:05
His last 5 games :
0-2 vs. "allKO(P)", yesterday, May 27
0-1 vs. "ddcg" on May 22
0-2 vs. "oneboat" on 1st and 2nd of May.
2011-05-28 06:05
I remember all this talk about Lee Sedol having his hand injured and performing poorly during the invitational after the BC Card Cup. When did these five losses in a row occur?

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