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2011-05-27 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

King of Kings (R4) : "Iamcoming" vs. "upset1"

        "Iamcoming" and "upset1" played the longest and most tense game of the round and it ended as a half pointer. In such an important game, by such a small margin, luck must play its role and someone must be very upset, of course. By pure coincidence, "upset1" was the upset one.
         Somehow similar to "wulu123", presented in the previous post, "Iamcoming" registered in December 2009, as 3D, and had a fulminant rising. He won 63 games in a row (!), including his first 5 games as 9D. You can read more about his performance and see one of his past games at : He has a wonderful style and I suspect he is a strong professional, because he defeated almost all top Tygem  players.
          Even in this decisive final round of the groups, there was a game ended by forfeit : "torment1" didn't connect to play against "ChenMO(P)". I've already talked about this subject that intrigues me. King of Kings has a prize fund of about 130000 USD and first prize is 50000 USD.  It's big, it's attractive, it's impressive ! Many players would like to participate, nobody can deny it. Someone qualifies for such a desired place in the tournament (instead of other candidates) and then he does not show up to play the scheduled game. I think it's not fair.

                              "Iamcoming" 9D, China : 240 - 93 (36363 p)
                               registered in December 2009 and started with a 63 - 0 score !
                               R1 : defeated "Holic(P)" (Korea)
                               R2 : d. "xnaudrhfo" (Korea)
                               R3 : d. "wjx(P)" (China)
                               R4 : d. "upset1" (Korea)

                               "upset1" 9D, Korea : 28 - 35 (34638 p)
                                R1 : d. "Ido" (China)
                                R2 : won by forfeit
                                R3 : d. "LCM(P)" (China)
                                R4 : lost to "Iamcoming" (China)

    All results from round 4 and, implicit, the winners of the groups :

         G1 : "rrx" (Wang Lei, China) d. "sagggg" (Korea) by resignation
         G2 : "ChenMO(P)" (China) d. "torment1" (China) by forfeit
         G3 : "whitetee" (China) d. "bienaol(P)" (Korea) by resignation
         G4 : "silent(P)" (China) d. "Affect(P)" (Korea) by resignation
         G5 : "HIPERACE" (Korea) d. "ymoo(P)" (China) by 16,5 p
         G6 : "Iamcoming" (China) d. "upset1" (Korea) by 0,5 p
         G7 : "Kyo(P)" (Korea) d. "MUMU(P)" (China) by resignation
         G8 : "sxkr" (China) d. "100hssh" (Korea) by resignation
         G9 : "gaoshan" (China) d. "XQJ(P)" (China) by resignation
         G10 : "LingS(P)" (China) d. "XXUNER" (China) by 2,5 p
         G11 : "wulu123" (China) d. "flash(P)" (China) by resignation
         G12 : "Demon(P)" (China) d. "GODGOOD1" (Korea) by resignation
         G13 : "WuYu(P)" (China) d. "SDKFSD" (China) by time
         G14 : "heibeil" (China) d. "Fasion(P)" (Korea by resignation
         G15 : "4k_grubby" (Liu Xi, China) d. "skwshs" (Korea) by resignation


2011-06-02 02:06
We are waiting to find out when and how the next stage will take place.
No information from Tygem so far (a bit frustrating).
4d 2011-06-01 11:06
Any idea what's going on with this tournament now?
Is there a schedule out for the next round? Seems most of the guys who qualified have not played any games since 26-May so presumably there has been no progress?

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