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2011-04-07 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

"xiabscheng" : Nemesis for "kobra" and "joonki"

       "kobra" is a very active Tygem player, supposed to be a top Korean pro. In a previous article (from 17th of February) we had a proof that he is not Kim Seong Ryong (9P), as the rumor went by that date. We just passed from one mystery to another. Then who is he really ? Someone, who signed "bien" and seemed to know who "kobra" is, said that he is much stronger than Kim. And I believe "bien", I think "kobra" is a great player. I made a joke about that comment: " Who can be much stronger than a strong 9P ?"
        Even great players meet their Nemesis sometimes and kobra's Nemesis in 2011 is called "xiabscheng", a 9D from China. They played 8 games against each other. The score is painful for the Korean player : 1-7.
        I am sure that "xiabscheng" is not the only account of the Chinese player and I'll just explain my point of view. He made that account on January 2006 and started with a 40-0 score. He played regularly until 1st of January 2009, when he lost a game against "blackwf" from Korea, currently fallen from 9D to 8D. He was so upset by that defeat, that he didn't play under that name (except for one free game) till the end of November 2009 , when he won against "joonki" ( Suh Ning-uk, 9P, the famous RP - rating points - record holder). And that was it, until  February 11th this year. It is hard to believe that he did not play at all for more than 2 years, but very likely under other handle (which unfortunately we don't know).
       By coincidence, the first game after such a long absence was  against "joonki" and he won again. For sure, "joonki" took his 43242 p (as he has today) from another opponents !
       The game against "kobra" was tense and complicated. So complicated that they lost me at some point. I just waited to find out the winner, without making any bet this time.

                          "xiabscheng" 9D, China : 272 - 124 (37392 p)
                          "kobra" 9D, Korea : 590 - 275 (38376 p)

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