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2011-04-03 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.3)  12 ratings

"roln" (Ilya Shikshin) wins his first 4 games as 9D

       There is a new 9D on Tygem and no, he is not a Chinese, not a Korean nor a Japanese, but an European : "roln" (Ilya Shikshin from Russia). He started as 5D, on 18th of March,  immediately after the new Tygem in English was launched and needed 67 games in order to be rewarded with a 9D rank.
      Today "roln" made his first appearance as 9D. Without any complex, the 2 times European and 4 times Russian champion, won 4 games in a row ! I chose to post the second game that I consider extremely enjoyable. He found an amazing invasion at the top with 122 M17 which made me to exclaim : Wow!  White not only easily got out of the hook, but took also prisoners on his escape route. It couldn't be worse than that for black.
       I think we are still not fully aware of the impact that the new English Tygem interface will have on the whole Go community.Two different worlds collide and we shall see more non-Asian players challenging the most famous Asian pros. "roln" was faster than another ambitious European player, "cornel11" (Cornel Burzo from Romania), who had a promising start, but has been  stuck for now as 8D, with a 59-17 score (7-7 as 8D), after a series of unlucky games (inexplicable lost in winning positions).

                      "roln" 9D (Ilya Shikshin, 7D), Russia : 64 - 7 (36529 p)
                      "guiwanghao" 9D, China : 141 - 71 (35517 p)


2011-04-13 02:04
artem has returned to 8D.
roln has now 5-1 as 9D. After 5 consecutive wins, he lost to w7777 from China.
2011-04-11 07:04
By the way, how abour Artem?
Is he still 9d on Tygem?
2011-04-11 07:04
As his father recently said on local Go forum "Ilya is not weaker than Catalin Taranu, maybe even stronger"
If he plays on 5p level, I am sure, he can stay on 9d level on Tygem.

But still unclear, who is stronger. Ilya has 1-1 score with Catalin: both games were very close

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