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2011-03-29 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

"Mozart_W_A" : Symphony 6

       Symphony 6 : I mean 6 stones handicap against a 7D player. It was a free game (it didn't count for the rating), played on July 18th last year. I didn't see the game live and I have no information about the black player, because meanwhile he deleted his account. I think he was ashamed of the result of the game, so he probably has another account now. He thought he could win any battle using the overwhelming majority of his stones, a bankrupt idea against such a virtuoso as "Mozart_W_A". Painful for him, very entertaining for us !
        As I already mentioned in the previous post, "Mozart_W_A", the mysterious Korean star with an incredible score and rating, played his last rated game on 23rd of April 2010 and then only 4 free games (all with handicap, the above game being one of them) till the end of the year. His last week's unexpected return, with another rated game, was a very pleasant surprise.

                        "Mozart_W_A" 9D, Korea : 90 - 4 (41640 p)
                        "WildDild" 7D : no more activ


3k ( US ) 2011-03-29 08:03
Fascinating game. I am used to being surprised by White moves when I play handicap games as Black; it is interesting to see a strong player (whether really 7d, I cannot judge) frustrated by unexpected moves.

[P.S., again my comment was rejected until I removed all apostrophes]

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