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2011-03-25 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.9)  13 ratings

The Magic Flute : "Mozart_W_A"

       He is like a mysterious phantom of the opera to me and I was not sure that I will ever see him again.
       The story began in January 2010, when a player who seemed to be a music lover made an account "W_A_Mozart". He won all his games : 39 - 0. Then,  for unknown reasons, he didn't play anymore under that handle. In February 2010, he made another account, "Mozart_W_A", and started as a 5D. He won 20 games as 5D, another 20 as 7D and the first 9 games as 9D. Such a score, 49-0, has stirred, of course, much interest among Tygem observers, including myself.
       His performance continued to be incredible, reaching 41640 ranked points ! The Tygem veteran "joonki" (Suh Ning-uk, 9P from Korea) is famous for his rating (43241 p as it is  today), but he made it after 14327 games ! "Mozart_W_A" reached his amazing rating after only 94 games. I think this a unique case in Tygem history.
       The mysterious GO star  and music lover played his last rated game on 23.04.2010 and that's why I lost any hope of seeing him again. On last December, he played 4 free games with big handicap (he gave 6 stones to a 7D and won!) and that was all, like the end of the story, the swan song.
       Today I was so lucky to be at the right time in the right place, just when he came back and started to play another beautiful game! His challenger was a newcomer from Taiwan, just promoted from 8D to 9D, after a good performance. It appeared to be a balanced fight, until "the magic flute" used a secret spell, invaded the right side and eventually captured a big white group at the bottom.
       "Mozart_W_A" won his last 25 games against 9D opponents and his overall score as 9D is 47-3 ! What can I say more ? Will he come back again ?

                       "Mozart_W_A" 9D, Korea : 90-4 ( 25-0 last games  and 47-3 as 9D !), (41640 p !)
                       "dameiren" 9D, Taiwan : 69-6 (34986 p)


2011-03-29 12:03
Rober M Gogo
2011-03-29 03:03
Could you post the 6-handicap game against 7D you mentioned? Thank you.
2011-03-25 04:03
what a great game - thanks for the post!
1D 2011-03-25 04:03
Very attractive and interesting posts. Thank you, Parik Stefanov. Good work.
2011-03-25 03:03
Yes, I wanted to say that too, a very neat and patient style (supported by incredible reading). All flow, nothing artificial. He seems to be all the time in control.
2011-03-25 01:03
Maybe Lee Changho?
Very solid, careful style - typical for Lee.

W lost this game by trying to attack B on the right - that invasion was too successful for B

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