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2011-03-18 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

Go teacher, you must win !

      "3586" is supposed to be the famous Japanese player Kobayashi Koichi. I have no place enough to mention how many titles he won and how many records he broke. So when he is playing on Tygem, I try to be there watching. His main rival at his peak was another "sacred monster" of Japanese GO, Cho Chikun (although born in Korea, moved to Japan).
      Kobayashi loves to play in internet. Some years ago he won one of the first IGS tournaments. On Tygem he has a rival too, "PDmarket". I think they are good old friends, because they've already played 34 times against each other. The overall score is : "3586" vs."PDmarket" 18 - 16. Today was 1 - 1. I have no idea who "PDmarket" is. He plays much less than "3586", but there are some interesting aspects we can talk about.
      I chose to post the game won by Kobayashi, because he is leading and the game had a superb sequence in the top left, started with 193 B13 and continued with 199 A14 till capturing the white group, usually seen only in  books. Unfortunately, it didn't help black to win the game. At that moment, some observers ( 4 and 5 dan) started to shout :"Go teacher, you must win !" PDmarket didn't win, but I learned he is a very respected master (and teacher).
      Looking in his Tygem history, I have seen a game lost to "spiderman1", played on 5.02.2007, two months before that  match between the Korean Dream Team (Lee Changho, Cho Hunhyun, Yoo Changhyuk ) and 3 Tygem anonymous stars  (GoldHammer - China, spiderman1 - Japan and gurenarukl - Korea). As proved later, GoldHammer was the sensational young star Zhou Ruiyang (today number 1 in China), but the other 2 managed to maintain their anonymity and deleted their tracks.
      Now I wonder, was "spiderman1" chosen by the organizers (knowing his real name), because he won against Cho Hunhyun 2 months before ?  Is "PDmarket" -  Cho Hunhyun and "spiderman1" - Kobayashi Koichi or Cho Chikun ? Too much speculation, but is funny to imagine such a scenario !

               "3586" 9D (Kobayashi Koichi, 9P), Japan : 1562 - 724 (39786 p)
               "PDmarket" 9D, Korea : 218 -128 (36198 p)


2011-03-18 08:03
I doubt it too.
Yes, with such a close score from so many games against Kobayashi, he must be strong and this was not his best game from the series for sure.
2011-03-18 05:03
I doubt that PDmarket is Cho Hunhyun - styles are very different. But the score is quite good and it can be someone under best 100 in Korea

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