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2011-03-17 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

Bet on "kingater" (Lee Yeongkyu)

      ...because I did it  and I doubled my money (well, my points).
      "kingater" is supposed to be Lee Yeongkyu, 8 P . He is another Korean professional virtuoso, with a wonderful style. Today, fortunately for his funs (pretty many as far as I know), he was in a playing mood and made a 5-1 score against 3 Chinese rivals: 1-0 vs. "whitetee", 2-0 vs."tmch" and 2-1 vs."heibeil". Lee Yeongkyu was on his best, making a lot of viewers to exclaim :" What a great player !"
      I chose to post his game against "whitetee", because this Chinese player is relatively new on Tygem and still not sufficiently known like "tmch" and "heilbeil". He started, as 7D, with a 20-0 score. As 9D, he won the first 6 games, so he is quite a tough opponent for anyone. If I just say that, before this game, he destroyed "charisma24" (Cho Hanseung, 9P, from Korea) with an amazing 3-0 (!) score , I think you have a better idea about his strength and about the level of this game. A very exciting one from all points of view.
     The new Tygem in English is like a new toy for me. As expected, still in beta version, it has many things to improve. Some live games, which appear in the Chinese version, do not appear here, even if I am in the same room. I have to reload the client almost every hour (right now, when I am writing this, it doesn't seem to work). You cannot watch games with more than 300 observers (as a free member), but, at least, you are not expelled, if you entered there before the 300 observers gathered. As a personal taste, the Chinese version has more color and better proportion, compared with the English version, where I see to much empty spaces.
      The betting system is attractive and stimulant, making you a more active viewer than simply chatting. I still don't know what to do with the points (like playing poker on match sticks), but is funny and I like it.

                     "kingater" (Lee Yeongkyu, 8P), Korea : 726 - 334 (38917 p)
                     "whitetee", China : 51 - 19 (36028 p)


2011-03-18 07:03
My understanding was that white manipulated the ko in order to build his moyo frame (with this strategy he gave up the left side too).
I had once the same problem with the wrong apostrophe, but, instead rejecting my comment, something like &+?§w*?¤*= appeared (for only one innocent sign).
3k ( US ) 2011-03-18 05:03
By the way, my comment was rejected several times - it seems because I had an apostrophe in it.
3k ( US ) 2011-03-18 04:03
Can we say that the central ko was really a significant ko fight? White never ignore a ko threat, and was able to connect his stones in atari. Black succeeded, in that he maintained the cut until the end, but could not make use of it.

Thank you, Park, for another interesting game. I love your posts!

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