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2011-03-16 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  9 ratings

"TrueLight" from the Land of the Rising Sun

        I love Japan. Such a great country with such wonderful people! No earthquake, no tsunami, no atomic bomb can bring them down.
       They have power and dignity and the GO community can understand them better from what they express in their games. This is my way to tell how much I love them, by posting a wonderful GO game of a high level Japanese player.
       "TrueLight" has now a series of 9 consecutive wins. Talking about most consecutive wins as 9D, I discovered that "ioiwin(P)" (Lee Changho, 9P) had 30 straight wins, between 25.10.2008 - 24.01.09 (interrupted then by the Chinese player "hua"). So, maybe, this is a record to break. A very difficult task, if we consider the Chinese invasion of new generation. They just can beat anyone and they are many. Recently, "idontca1" (Lee Sedol, 9P) had to give up after 16 consecutive wins, which was not bad after all.
        The result of the above miniature was decided by one tempo of the fight at the top of board. The H14 white group seemed to be in big trouble, but "TrueLight" found some ingenious active defending moves. After w108 M17, was black too greedy? He tried to kill the white group with b113 N16 (instead M18, defending his own group), because the cut at N15 is inacceptable, putting his big center group in jeopardy. The aesthetics of the game is undeniable. Made in Japan !

                              "TrueLight" 9D, Japan : 161 - 76 (9 - 0 last games), (36310 p)
                              "hyung2" 9D, Korea : 861 - 668 (36039 p)


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