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Servers | Tygem | 2 accounts easy to remember : "4514548001" vs. "DNJIHG"

2011-02-25 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

2 accounts easy to remember : "4514548001" vs. "DNJIHG"

       Accounts easy to remember ? Did I say so ? Yes, if you divide 4514548001 by itself, you get the result 1. DNJIHG is like QWLZBD, so, if you remember one, you can connect it to the other.
       Why do some players choose such names ? They risk to be the first to forget it. Or maybe these are phone numbers or bank accounts they use daily. In that case, they could be robbed or receive one day a call from our friend "008pig" : "You are not 4, not 5, you are billions, do you agree?"
      "DNJIHG" and "4514548001" are good players belonging to the middle 9D class. If you look in their history, you don`t see games against top Tygem players. They are strong, but, as I have already mentioned a few times, the best of the best have their own league and  is an honor to play even a single game there. Similar ratings, same server, but different worlds.
      The fight was nice and I enjoyed watching it. The black territory looked more impressive in the beginning, but white was more inspired in  the middle game . More games like this and we could see "DNJIHG" in the champions league.

                                    "DNJIHG", China : 311 - 161 (36402 p)
                                    "4514548001", Korea : 413 - 306 (35800 p)


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