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2011-02-22 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.6)  11 ratings

The game of the month (February) : "oneboat" (player of the month) vs. "idontca1"

          It is a new GO revolution in China, no doubt about it. There are so many new shining stars and I just don´t have enough time to post them all. They come in waves. They are hungry of GO and their games are so interesting, that sometimes I really don´t know where to look first.
        "oneboat" is simply amazing ! I discovered him some time ago, in November last year, when he won against "ioiwin(P)", supposed to be Lee Changho . His victory was a surprise for the viewers who bet in majority for Lee. It was too early for me to make an opinion about his real strength. I knew he was a pro, because he registered his account in October, starting immediately as 9D (with 11 consecutive wins !), but he didn´t play too often and I wanted to see more of his games. 
         Today, let´s forget about my opinion and look at his score and some of his club members ( idontca1 - Lee Sedol, ioiwin(P) - Lee Changho, boss(P), Dcember(P), seoul88). It is a joke : when you beat somebody, he becomes a member of your club ! This is an elite club, "do you agree" ?
        From 27 games against top Tygem 9D, he lost only 4. This month he is undefeated, 7 out of 7. 
       And now look at this  Star Wars : his win  against Lee Sedol (played on 18.02.2011). I call it the game of the month (as well "oneboat" the player of the month). You cannot expect more from a GO game. It has everything : complicated invasions, one KO after another, harmony. I just looked at the final position and I had a vision of a galaxy moving. The game was over , but the life was still there.
       Who are you "oneboat"? You put a spell on us.

                                 "oneboat", China : 23 - 4 (36457 p)
                                 "idontca1" (Lee Sedol, 9P), Korea : 121 - 31 (36947 p)


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