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2011-01-29 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.8)  4 ratings

"Loving1" improves a theoretical line

       "Loving1" is a nice Korean player to watch, probably a professional. He created this account last year, starting as 5D and reaching 9D in the fastest possible way : 40 consecutive wins. As a 9D, he has a decent 30-30 score. My feeling is that he can easily have a better score , but he enjoys taking maximum risk in very sharp positions, after choosing complicated openings.
       It seems that some players know his real name and already studied his openings. I saw the opening played in this game (or at least I realized that it is a long analyzed theoretical variation, about 50 moves, maybe more) in December, when "Loving1" met another Chinese professional, "qixing(P)" and won after an epic battle, with 0,5 p (that game was played on 21st of December 2010, for those who might be curious to see it too - and  I think it deserves to be seen).
       So, today, another Chinese pro, "kongm(P), challenged "Loving1" and there were no surprise for me to see that opening again. I think that, in China, they consider the variation good for black, while, in Korea, they prefer white. My instinct would bet also on black (if I could, because Europeans cannot bet on Tygem), considering that black takes profit immediately on the right side. Well, maybe I am wrong, because "Loving1" is always winning !
      It would be interesting to find out who played for the first time this fuseki (joseki?). Maybe someone can tell us. What we see now is living GO in motion. Obviously, "Loving1" improved his strategy and won more convincingly than against "qixing(P)".

      "Loving1" 9D, Korea : 70 - 30 (35467 p)
      "kongm(P)" 9D, China : 34 - 21 (34959 p)


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