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2010-06-07 Expert: moonscar Rate: (4.3)  4 ratings

kghin's marvelous game!

This is a marvelous game played by Kghin, versus an equally strong player named Norway9d.
Kghin won this game by resign, but let's go more in depth as to how he does it.In the opening kghin starts off with an interesting choice of moves, that lead to him getting a positive formation generating cosmic force on the right side immediately.
After that, continuing the opening white places a stone at o3 forcing black to make a shimari it seems however, after white draws back at l4 black jumps in at j3. This leads to an interesting continuation of moves that leads black to playing a san san in whites formation. The game continues from there, but too complicated for me to place commentary, but it's a great game by both players. until white makes a blunder ;) keep an eye out for it!

Please enjoy the game! if i make any punctuation/spelling errors i'm very sorry, but i think it's the spirit that i really want shown.


4d ( US ) 2010-06-08 05:06
I do hate it when people do not allow me to undo a missclick but what can you do? He made a mistake and thats how games are even if it is a missclick I suppose.
2010-06-07 10:06
The kid's gotten too greedy for wins. No wonder, he kept losing most of the time lately.
1k ( US ) 2010-06-07 08:06
ah, i'm sorry for assuming, having a bad day so i'm a bit touchy :)

anyway, i see your valid point, but i think the game was played well by kghin until whites mistake, which could have changed the tide of the game, unfortunately kghin didn't allow undo, so we will never know.

i apologize for any rudeness and hope there is no grudge
Peter Cook
4d ( US ) 2010-06-07 08:06
The problem is that after misclick White losing his attack on J4 group with no eye. So we see that all his moves are losing their meaning. In the end, the game result seems to be not fair at all.

Cosmic Force - I am just joking :)
1k ( US ) 2010-06-07 07:06
just because white made a misclick does not mean the other parts of the game weren't interesting, i was using cosmic force as a metaphor to influence, and that is all, i don't really appreciate negative comments, but they are necessary anyway. you are only concentrating on the missclick however, and not focusing on the other play
7k ( NO ) 2010-06-07 07:06
Move 114: "Norway9D [9d]: misclick" - "kghin [8d]: ."
Peter Cook
4d 2010-06-07 07:06
White made a misclick in this game, so I think that it is not so interesting :) Plus Cosmic Force?!? What are you on moonscar XD

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