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2010-06-07 Expert: yangxu Rate: (5)  2 ratings

Curtis and Calvin fight it out for USYGC Finals

After 2 days of competing for the US Youth Go Championship title, we were left with Calvin Sun 7d
(kbag) and Curtis Tang 8d (cjheaven, who stayed steadily on the 9d rank until changing his rank to a -) both undefeated after 3 rounds. The 2 young stars played an exciting final round of the tournament with Curtis winning by resignation.

This an exciting game started out with both sides going for large territory and frameworks, then both players were able to manage to reduce each others territory dramatically.
The side favored Curtis massively when Calvin misread the ladder at d10, giving Curtis free points and very nice shape shape.
Calvin, having no choice created a extremely one-sided multi-step ko in the lower right but the ko proved too much for Calvin, resigning at 176 moves.

Enjoy the impressive show the 2 young stars put up!

final standing and results can be found at


6d ( US ) 2010-06-07 03:06
Awsome game i like how white played out that ko in the ending some good reading.

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