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4th USA-Canada Youth Friendship Match: 1-4

We would like to present you the fourth annual youth friendship match between North American youth players. This event provides the opportunity for youth players from around the continent to get top-level playing experience while making new go playing friends. The tournament is organized as a team match, with players being invited to compete based on their standing in the ratings lists. (


Last year Canadian players won the match 5-2. This year the result was similar: Canada won 4-1 vs USA team. The games were played on KGS, so you can check the rest of the games. 


I decided to show the game between Vincent Zhuang (VISA [-]) and Daniel Gourdeau (WhiteRawr [7d]). Daniel is the only participant who is not of an asian origin. It seems that both USA and Canada rely on the players of asian background and not on their own. Look at USA team for World Mind Games and compare it with European. Apparently Europe chose another way: it invested in their own players. In fact, I cannot recall any high dan player on KGS of American origin. Of course, it's great that USA has so many strong players both professionals and amateurs from China. You can learn a lot from them. But on the other hand, it's a stumbling block for native americans who cannot compete against their asian fellows.


Final result: 

USA 1 - Canada 4


1. Calvin Sun (kbag [8d]) - Ryan Li (icydarts [8d]) W+R

2. Hugh Zhang (sume [6d]) - Gansheng Shi (zdarthmaul [8d]) B+10.5

3. Andrew Lu (applesauce [-]) - Jianing Gan (hkkyeen [-])  W+R

4. Vincent Zhuang (VISA [-]) - Daniel Gourdeau (WhiteRawr [7d]) W+4.5

5. Jimmy Yang (Jimmy3d [-]) - Andrew Huang (DonValley [-]) W+R



2013-01-24 06:01
You're a retard.
2012-01-08 10:01
uyuu, you still don't get it.
It was all about how stupid this conversation was in the first place.

Like I said earlier, if you had been making that point with your use of 'retarded' then we wouldn't have needed to continue this pointless conversation.

Me using 'retarded' made me sound stupid. You using it, made you sound stupid. Get it?

- have a good life - bye
- ( CA ) 2012-01-07 07:01
Grow up, please. You're personally attacking me now just for disagreeing with you.

It seems like you think it's okay for you to use the word retarded, but it's not okay for me.

You come off as more stupid than me.
2012-01-06 10:01
And yes, I know is also a web-based dictionary, but I think it's retarded. But - that's my opinion.
2012-01-06 10:01
Anyone can find a source to prove themselves right and others wrong.

When I look up a word, I use a dictionary. Here's one:

It's great that you are walking around with your big mouth saying words that you know are considered offensive by a large portion of the population (but perhaps not among your friends).

I was hoping that you were trying to be witty, instead you come off - stupid. By that's just my opinion.
- ( CA ) 2012-01-06 04:01

It's another word for stupid or dumb, don't blame me for using it.
- ( CA ) 2012-01-06 04:01
Who said anything about "reta-ded", you're the only one mentioning it.
5d ( US ) 2012-01-02 08:01
Just to throw it out there, almost the entire US team(I think with the exception of Jimmy and maybe Andrew) was born in the US and learned Go IN the US. It's more the fact that Asians are the ones who know about the game and thus learn it, as the game in general hasn't widely spread to western culture.
2011-12-29 05:12
the question here is not about foreign players playing for the national team of a country - we are not talking about having Lee Sedol playing for Canada - but rather players who are now members of their new country. As someone mentioned before, these people are now considered full citizens, and should have the right to represent their new country. If it so happens that 20 different Japanese 9p decide to move to Canada and settle there, taking on Canadian citizenship, then they are fully welcome to represent Canada in any endevour they wish, including playing go on the national team. They are Canadian. Canadians of Asian decent, who were former insei and had pro teachers in Asia, are so as well. Ozil is German although he was born in Turkey. Many brazilians take on other nationalities to play for national teams of other countries. It happens all the time, and Go is no exception - and that is good thing. If you've seen Hikaru no go, Toya became part of a school team to compete against Hikaru. The other players were nowhere near his strenght - and they were jealous, angry, and wanted him out. What would have been better for the go of that school, though - having a strong player lead the way, or having a bunch of Kyu's with overinflated egos and delusions of grandeur "competing" and representing their school? The strong should compete and the weak should learn to be strong. Let's not reward bad play and lack of study. Let's be fair and allow hard work and brillance, no matter the skin colour or background, to shine through. That is why the feeling you represent is racist, even though you are perhaps not conscious of it.
11k ( CA ) 2011-12-27 11:12
uyyu, I am completely insulted with your use of the term "reta-ded". Or was that your point?

I think political correctness must be taken in consideration (especially) when writing about North Americans. You owe those "reta-ded" a day of community service with them to understand why your words are degrading.
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