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2011-12-09 Expert: Noth1ng Rate: (5)  7 ratings

There's a killer on the road

You may remember player hearts, don't you? If not, it might sound familiar, but it definitely sounds strong. hearts 9d registered in September 2009. He had perfect score 12-0, defeating KGS top players smartrobot 2p and bigbadwolf 9d twice. Alexander Dinnerchtein wrote an article about him in 2009:


"I checked his playing style and it seems that hearts, 9-dan is professional. I am 90% sure.He is undefeated on KGS with 12-0 score! Even crushed KGS superstar smartrobot twice!Here is the last game he played".


Then hearts disappeared and we haven't heard anything about him until now. He is back and he is blood-thirsty. He only registered 2 days ago but already has 9d? rank. First victims became kghin 8d and supertjc 8d. Hearts won both games not giving a chance to the opponents. Most of the players who watched the games, believe him to be a pro player. We can't be sure but he's here and he's dangerous.


Who will be the next victim?


3k 2011-12-09 06:12
Awesome. Makes me feel like I should study life and death and count ko threats :)

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