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2011-07-10 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  3 ratings

chenns' new account

chenns' last two games (with his main account) were played against 'kghin', and he lost both by 3,5 points. They have played nearly 30 games together and (can you believe it?) 'kghin' has the highest winning percentage of the two (16-13, that is, 55%)! Calling them rivals may sound more plausible now. :-)

Yesterday there was an exciting game played by 'cLb' ('7d?' at the time) where he crushed 'AncientGo' 8d ('cLb' took White and won by resignation in less than 130 moves). He also beat 'okao' 8d by 23,5 points (today).

Who could this 'new' player be? His e-mail gives it away: it is the same address used by 'chenns'! So 'cLb' = Nai San Chan.

You can see his last game here. It was his first loss with the new account, but it was nevertheless a great game. White's attacks were very powerful, and there were some interesting moves worth noting - the broken ladder starting with W110, for example. Maybe White would still have a chance to win if he had started the ko at Q1 with W188; in the game, once 'Korondo' defended the corner, his lead was unshakable. Black eventually won by 10,5 points.

Losing the game means that 'cLb' can now have a solid rank, and indeed after the game he became [9d].

PS: Remember that if you want to go undercover it is a good idea to hide your e-mail address from other users!


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