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2011-07-09 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  4 ratings

New 9d: 'Sabum'!

 'Sabum' registered on KGS five days ago, and so far he has only lost one game (although he was winning by a lot in that game, he lost by time...).

He became 9d after beating 'kghin' yesterday (you can see their game here). Unfortunately, 'Sabum' left right after the game, so I was not able to try to chat with him (I am not even sure that he understands English); anyhow, I asked some strong players (including high-dans) if they knew who 'Sabum' is, but without success. So it was time to do some research.

We know his e-mail, so it was not hard to find his profile online ( The problem is that it is all in Korean! (Google translates his name as 'Yiseonggeun'). I found a kind player from Korea on KGS and I asked him how he would translate it, and he said (possibly) Lee Seong-keun. So now we know Sabum's name!

His Go style is very polite (careful moves, nice shapes). We have ourselves another strong amateur from Korea playing on KGS!

(Just one note about the game: advanced players may find W16 interesting. The standard move is at D11, but then after the joseki White has to spend another move to defend; in the game White ends in sente.) 


2011-07-22 07:07
On your link, there is write "?°”?‘‘?† ?”??•„", the translation is baduktopia
2011-07-16 10:07
Korean 7 dan
his photo
( PT ) 2011-07-09 01:07
I got the impression from the pages I read (and I may be wrong) that he teaches Go to children (in form of comics?). Maybe if you know Korean you can confirm this:

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