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2009-11-16 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  3 ratings

Fun Korean nicknames

If you play on Korean servers often ...

"Jinjja" means "real" in Korean and there are lot of nicknames on Korean
servers, started from "Jinjja"
"jinjja3geup" is Dashn user. It means "real 3-kyu", but he plays on
7-dan level on Dashn
"junjjagongbae" (from Neostone) means "real dame", but he also plays on
very high level

"Hasu" means "very weak", but there are lot of dan-level players,
who added "Hasu" to their nicknames. "Gosu" is often used for opposite meaning, but
there are lot of weak players, who has "Gosu" part in their ID.

"Papo" is a "stupid man" in Korean, but not all users with "papo" in their nicknames
are stupid. As an example you may see the game played by "papo" on
Neostone - I think that he is not far from professional level

Even numbers in nicknames can play a big role:
82 prounounce as "palhee", which means "quickly".
"8282hae" is 9-dan on Neostone. His nickname means "play very fast, please"


2009-11-24 02:11
Yes, D2 is not good. It's amateur style! Usually better to keep the possibility of invading at 3-3
1 dan ( IL ) 2009-11-18 01:11
Mr. Dinerchtein I wanted to ask something about the game.

As far as I can see black played a very bad game with some very bad style.

I was wondering about the black move at D2.

as far as I can tell this move is most often wrong, a commen misstake
while teaching I almost always tell my students it is wrong.

but I saw it a few times in high dan games and I started wondering
I hope you can help me understand

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