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2009-05-29 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.3)  3 ratings championship

More and more amateur tournaments in Korea are closing their doors to inseis and ex-inseis. They want to give more chances to old and famous Korean amateurs.
For example, only 30+ years old players are allowed to take part in main tournaments.
One of them was finished recently, and still it was won by former insei, who was just little bit older than others - Che Hocheul, 6d. Well-known Korean bannegi master Song Bongmin, 6-dan came second. is one of the biggest game portal in Korea and there are lot of Go players here.

ㆍ1(2000$) : 아침누리2 (Che Hocheul)
ㆍ2(1000$) : 오래전에일 (Song Bongmin)
ㆍ1/4(500$) : 푸성귀, 까칠한그녀7
ㆍ1/8(300$) : 역전에죽다, 세게누어, myung527, zinc77
ㆍ1/16(200$) : 필봉산7, good찬스, 82594254, rwt5942, freelinux, chaeyspr, gostpezzang, 춘향이의윙크

Final game (on photo) was played offline. We may also mention very fast game control - 10 min, 30 sec byoyomi for all games in this tournament


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