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2009-05-28 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.7)  3 ratings

Mogo getting older?

Here is the game from the recent match between Taranu, 5p and Mogo.
It seems that not only humans are getting weaker and older. Mogo made so many moves, typical for 20-kyu ...

Commentary: A. Dinerchtein for Go4Go portal


2k ( FI ) 2009-05-28 10:05
Mogo is just weak at resigning. I watched 3 of the games they played and in every game Mogo started to play very bad moves when it realized that there were no realistic hope to win. However before that Mogo played very well for a computer program. In the end it had 20 % winning ratio against a 5p. That's not something a 20k would be capable to achieve. :)

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