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2009-02-11 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.7)  6 ratings

Go online. 7even Secrets (from the Goama archive)

Note for experienced players: If you already use the following with success, I am sorry for revealing these tricks!

As a professional player, I would never recommend that you use these stratagems, but I do believe that they are common in amateur play and are therefore worth knowing about. Indeed, some of these methods are in fact cheating, and should be viewed with the utmost scorn. The most effective "secret" of course is to stay calm, think rationally, and choose the best move you can find!

1.Style Pressure
You may notice that there are lots of attractive pictures in players' profiles on KGS. So, if you are weak at fighting, you could upload a picture of a Siberian tiger or Mike Tyson. From the beginning try to play fast and aggressively. After 20-30 moves your opponent will be afraid of you. As soon as you notice it, stop playing actively and return to your normal playing style.
2.Tricky Byoyomi
Set a Canadian time control ( ), for example 1/5, which means 1 minute of basic thinking time plus 25 stones per 5 minutes overtime, and play as usual. If you feel that you are behind, you may use this idea: try to get into time pressure. For example, leave 15 unused stones for the last 30 seconds. Your opponent will think more about winning you on time, instead of thinking about the position and beating you on territory. As a result, he will probably play fast and aggressively, so you can catch him out somewhere.
3.The "I am very weak" Strategy a.k.a. "The Rope-a-Dope"
Play a few bad moves in the beginning or use a beginner’s joseki like tsukenobi ( The opponent will think that you are very weak and he will try to crush you as soon as possible. As we say in boxing he will be open. Simply wait for your chance to hit him with a surprise knockout punch, as in Muhammad Ali-George Foreman 1974!
4.Score Estimator
Login with another account so that you can use the Score Estimator while playing rated games on KGS. Of course, this is cheating, but…
Escape before starting complicated capturing races or big fights. Don't forget to save the game first. Check the variations offline during 5-7 minutes, enter the server and continue your game after saying "Sorry, my connection sucks today". Usually, it's possible to continue the game without any damage. 99% of all users will simply say "np" (no problem).
Attention: This method may not work on IGS. Sometimes server is taking away your time, even if you are offline. So you may have only few seconds left after loading the game again and forfeit on time. Again, this is cheating!
6.Monkey Method
Like the previous two, this method is not honest at all, but it's necessary to know it. Start a game on two different servers with a similar time control but with different colors. Simply copy the moves from one game to another instead of thinking yourself. You will win one of these games for sure, even if the opponents are top professionals.
Choose Chinese rules ( ) and play as usual until the dame-filling stage. I'd wager that 90% of your opponents will play passes instead of filling dames, so each dame will bring you an extra point (Chinese rules counts the total number of stones placed on the board and not the territory itself).

Attention: Goama Magazine accepts no responsibility for the results of these tricks. Use them on your own risk only.
Source: Goama magazine


4k KGS ( FR ) 2009-07-02 04:07
Monkey method is funny :D

concerning the 7.Rules , i'm affraid you are right ...
2009-03-26 02:03
To the guy who said bloody stupid advice. You make it sound as if Alexander is encouraging us to use these tricks. He did after all say it's best to stay calm and play the best move you can find. He just wants players to be aware of dishonest play. So make sure you understand what you read before you post.
bloody stupid advice
2009-02-23 08:02
don't listen to this stupid advice, even though i am still kyu , i can be sure i can won the game from the first few move.
my better advice , play honestly ,

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