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2009-02-16 Expert: Robert M Gogo Rate: (4.5)  4 ratings

New times for DGS

DragonGoServer experiences a constant growth in membership and development. Big upgrades have been coming recently once a year, the last one just two month ago. Current DGS version is 1.0.14 since December 2008. There were code improvements to optimize database queries and many improvements in administration.

Recent problems meant the end of the free resources era and Dragon asks members for donations now. Their plan is to be set for three years ahead, which amounts to 800 Euro. In fact, Erik Ouchterlony, the Dragon founder, just posted a message with a big thanks to all who donated while mentioning humbly that "Go players seem to be of very generous nature" because the target, 800 Euro, have already been reached. Well, I think that Dragon is a great site and its members just expressed that with their donations. Good job Dragon!

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