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2009-03-08 Expert: Robert M Gogo Rate: (3.5)  4 ratings

Dragon Tourney 2008 - Second Round update

Dragon Tourney 2008 is still far from finished, especially its Handicap Division, which is in its second round only about 50% finished.

Second Round of the Open Division  is in much better shape and you can find top two players from each pool below with their points (pts/max.pts):

Pool 1:  Shilba 7/8; kennabee 6/8

Pool 2:  troms 8/9; hedgehog 7/9
1 unfinished

Pool 3:  Jefr 7/8; peterrc, ? 6/8
5 unfinished

Pool 4:  Valdor 9/9; Sonni (sodos=26), Alone (sodos=22) 7/9

Pool 5:  or2win 8/9; lordofpi 8/9
7 unfinished



Robert M Gogo
( US ) 2009-03-23 08:03
Alex, this would be fantastic!
We have a new forum "Tournaments". I copied your post there and will contact you soon.
Thank you, Robert.
PS I am sorry for the late reply, I noticed your comment only now.
2009-03-13 01:03
No prizes here?
Robert, I can provide some Go4Go accounts and game reviews. What is the right person to contact and suggest these prizes?

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