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2009-03-10 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.7)  3 ratings

The most exciting game of the year!

It's a good candidate. Really weird fuseki, some dead groups and ko fights.
10-thousand years ko at the end. I cannot imagine the game, which can be more exciting!
It's a pity that I cannot play like this myself.

Here is the recent chat during the live broadcasting of my own game from the Ing Memorial on KGS:
Thmayu, 3d: breakfast's style isn't that entertaining to watch
Firebird, 3k: he's trying to bore his opponent to dead :)

Yes, I agree. I try to avoid any risk in my games, so it's usually boring to watch them

 Director Jeong from Suwon is much better candidate! I never saw any dull games, played by him.


2009-03-14 05:03
Black made a big mistake on the left by creating seki. It was possible to kill White by B8, instead of A7

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