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Servers | IGS | Tartrate started to play on IGS and ... got banned quickly

2009-01-28 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4)  2 ratings

Tartrate started to play on IGS and ... got banned quickly

It's an old story. In the beginning of 2000's Kim Myungwan,8p (Tartrate on KGS) worked as a teacher on Dashn server.
Dashn director Sim Chaebom started an English version of Dashn that time and he was interested in attracting foreigners.
He suggested to create an account on IGS called "DashNDot" and advertise his new server like this. Kim,8-dan played about 30 games on IGS until they banned him. He showed a good score - lost only few of his games and easily got 5d* - that time it was the second highest rank on IGS - we can compare it with 8d* in 2009.
Why did they ban him? Because of his nickname, of course. It was better to register as "tartrate" :)

Here I attached one of Kim Myungwan's games, played on IGS. His opponent "drink" is still active and he was always one of the strongest professionals on IGS. I don't know his real name, but "drink" has an equal 4-4 score with "You", who is Kobayashi Satoru, 9p. So, we can say that "drink" can be one of the top Japanese professionals too.

DashNDot played him twice. And won the both games! Easily!


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