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Servers | IGS | 10D snow5 vs. 9D pero3

2010-03-23 Expert: jose Rate: (4.8)  4 ratings

10D snow5 vs. 9D pero3

Most of us agree that IGS ranking is not as strong as years ago.  However, the top players are still very strong in IGS now.

Last Friday, #1 rank snow5 (10D) crushed #7 rank pero3.  Enclosed is the game they played.  White snow5 #94 move

is the decisive move at q17 attaching black's  "monkey face" shape.


Who is snow5?  Is snow5 a 17 year old female pro in Japan?




1d ( GB ) 2010-03-26 12:03
I am not sure whether #94 is all that decisive. The pro game you've referenced at that is identical at #102 still ends up with White winning by only 1 point. The game surely is even here until Black blunders at #103 ending up with too many groups short of liberties?
6k ( US ) 2010-03-25 05:03
snow5 is very good at fast game
1d ( VN ) 2010-03-24 09:03
These two always played handicapped games I thought I would never see them play an even game.
In my opinion the only "real" 10d on IGS is tayasu (where is he now?!!).
For the rank cap, I think I've seen a 12d before. His ID was tobe.
Nik (from
6k ( CA ) 2010-03-24 02:03
Interesting game. Does IGS cap at 10d? I've often wondered why rankings "end" at 9d or 7d... I mean, there must be some 9d's who are considerably stronger than others. Anyways, thanks for posting this.
2010-03-23 09:03
Snow means Yuki in Japanese.
So, maybe Yuki Satoshi, 9p?
Or Yuki Shigeno?

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