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Servers | IGS | Intimidation leads to frustration?

2010-03-14 Expert: Sotos Rate: (5)  2 ratings

Intimidation leads to frustration?

We all know how difficult it is to face a stronger opponent. More so, when he is several stones stronger than us.
Usually when we play such a game, we are intimidated by the sheer rank the opponent holds and forget our own

For my first article here, I would like to point out 2 or 3 playing choices that led to a lot of dead stones for the weaker player,
leading him to get frustrated, while the game was still manageable.

For starters, I think black's first move is not what I would play. K16 or any of the simple keimas in the 3 "free corners"
is better. I would like to explain why. Since the weaker player almost always goes for safe plays when facing somebody
stronger, why play ogeima when it has some weird vatiations that the stronger player could exploit? That kind of thought
leads me to accept K16 as a better first move because it helps building corner + side territory. On the other hand, I think
any of the keimas in F3, F17 or O17 is a better choice, as well, because of the variations of the ogeima and the fact that
the weaker player should keep the game as simple as possible. By all means, if you have confidence in your reading ability,
you should play the ogeima, but it is a more difficult move than the simple keima.

I also find black's C10 move questionable. But again it is a matter of taste. My reasoning for this is that while it gives black
framework and territory, if he spread his moves by playing D14 for example (which is kind of overplay) even if he lost some
territory in the left side, he could compensate it elsewhere. Finally, to be honest, I find this move somewhat odd. But as I said
it is a matter of taste.

The variations I want to point out are on the sgf with some of my thoughts as well. Variation moves: 69, 97, 107, 111, 113, 145 and 147.

I think generally that when the 2d player lost the left side felt quite frustrated because he played super safe with the C10 move.

I do not know who these players are and I don't mean to be rude to them by writing this article. I also do not want to be rude with
anybody reading this article. These are just simple thoughts of mine. If you have any extra thoughts, pointers or corrections please tell me.
I am still learning myself after all :-).


1k ( GB ) 2010-03-18 04:03
I think playing the keimas in a 6 handi game is cowardly. You have influence? Use it!
2010-03-14 11:03
White won by resign. Sorry, I forgot to add it

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