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Servers | IGS | Korean amateur destroyed M.Redmond,9p in even game!



2009-06-07 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.3)  3 ratings

Korean amateur destroyed M.Redmond,9p in even game!

I never saw Michael losing to amateurs in official tournaments.
But on IGS it's possible to find such examples.
His opponent "cow" is Park Youngjin amateur 7-dan from Korea - he was in best ten
in the middle of 90's.
I have 3 games played between "cow" and "call" in my database.
The score is 2-1 in favor of Michael, but the game he lost was
really terrible.
Cow killed the whole board!

About the fuseki: White 20 is a new move, which I never saw in pro games.
Michael used his common idea of sacrificing stones, but here the result was
not good. He lost the fuseki, so Michael decided to play overplays later.
You can see the result of these overplays .

P.S. I checked other games played by cow on IGS. He was very active and
crushed lot of top pros. Maybe my information is wrong, or someone stronger
was regularly helping him/ playing instead of him.
It's internet and everything is possible here ...


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