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Servers | IGS | LearnGo vs Lazer: 13-0


2009-04-17 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4.5)  4 ratings

LearnGo vs Lazer: 13-0

A series of interesting games were played on IGS, between lazer 7D and LearnGo 4D.

The games were fast and at 2 stones handicap, lazer lost the first game.. then the second.. then the third... In fact, he ended up losing 13 games in a row! Some of them in a spectacular fashion -- LearnGo seemed to be playing the right moves without any reading at all, with amazing speed.

Some of the higher dans watching the games suggested that a pro was using LearnGo's account.

Few days later:
LearnGo continued to demolish other high dan players -- afatdog 7d, sting 6d...
On one hand it is embarassing to see LearnGo still play them at 2 stones handicap and then kill half the board. On the other hand it is fun for the players too: today afatdog 7D greeted LearnGo with "hello 8d" :-)

I don't know him but we can see his email in IGS profile: and a country: China. These hints are big and we can find this list, for example: by simple googling.
"Gmhuang" is number 20 in that list of best players on some local Chinese server and he is 7-dan here

Must be hard for Lazarev to beat him :)


2009-04-23 07:04
We also had "LearnGo" user on KGS. He was 7-dan.
Is he the same person?

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