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2009-04-12 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (0)

Kim Seungchun, 9p on IGS

From Diana's report about the Shusaku cup in Romania:

"Since it wasn’t an easy task for the foreigners to pronounce their names, they called them by their nicknames:
thus Mok Jinseok as Mumu, possibly known as such in Korea also, and Kim Seungjun became Blackie, from Black Knight.
They were adored as gods, regardless of being made out of flesh and bones, as any other common Go player."

I don't know the reason of "Mumu" nickname of Mok, 9p, but it's
easy to understand the reason of "Black Knight" of Kim, 9p.
In Korea they also call him "Huk kisa", which means "Black master"
The reason is the color of his skin, which is very dark and is not typical
for Koreans.

As well as I know, Kim's account on IGS was "Blackhorse".
He crushed lot of top players, using this account. For example,
Kim's score with Ryu Shikun, 9p (jiin) was 5-2

I will show you one of the games played by Blackhorse.
His opponent is chohta - Cho Byungtak, Korean 7-dan amateur, who was
one of the best amateurs in Korea in the middle of 90's.
He stopped playing in Go tournaments about 10 years ago, so nowadays it's hard to
meet his name.


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