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Servers | IGS | Sensation! IGS ranking #1 -"halley", 9-dan is amateur!

2009-03-22 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (5)  2 ratings

Sensation! IGS ranking #1 -"halley", 9-dan is amateur!

Halley is active on IGS (last access-March21, 2009) and his current score is 443 wins - 283 losses. He is 9-dan and IGS ranking #1 according to this table: IGS top100
Now we know more about him - thx to one of our readers!

From his letter:
Halley" (also "myodani5" -IGS ranking #9) is a strong amateur from the Kansai region of
Japan. Both of these accounts have figured in top ten on IGS when he plays
regularly. He has played around twenty times or more in the All Japan
Amateur Tournament, winning once I think but many times within the top ten.
He lost it to Murakami Bunsho around 1974 and the crucial game could be
found in the English language Go Review of that time.

Currently aged about 60 or so, he runs a go school in Kobe with the students
mainly quite strong amateurs (some of them quite scary themselves). He is
also the teacher of a famous 9P from the Kansai area.

His favourite opening these days is called ryotakamokou (2 offset 4-5 points).
He believes in
originality rather than following established patterns. Probably his
strength may be of a mid level pro, say 4P.

My own notes: We use similar trickmoves with halley. As an example, please check his game with Lazarev in our
previous posts. I noticed other trickmoves, played by him, which I like a lot too.


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