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Servers | IGS | Terminator, terminatar, terminatir - who is the real one?

2009-03-18 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (3.5)  4 ratings

Terminator, terminatar, terminatir - who is the real one?

Here is the story from my Korean teacher Chong Daesung, 9p, who is a big fighter.

He decided to play on  IGS by registering "terminator" account, but it was already occupied by Ryu Shikun, 9p. My teacher was angry, so he registered "terminatar" and "terminatir" accounts.
Terminatar was kind of "taking lessons" account. My teacher noticed that he learned a lot from his match with Kobayashi Koichi (SOFT on IGS). Chong, 9p won only 1 game from 7 games they played (without komi) with legendary Kobayashi, 9p.

Chong, 9p decided to stop playing as "terminatir" after losing this game. He was so sad, that he was not able to kill that big and fat group. His opponent (dust5) is Korean 6-dan amateur Kim Taedong. He is quite strong actually, so we cannot call it a big sensation.

It was a very fun game. I enjoyed it a lot.
You will not ask again why it was so important for my teacher to register "terminator" account. He plays like real terminator!


2009-03-19 09:03
I forgot to add that dust5 on IGS is haoda4 on Dashn. Use site search, if you want to see his other games.

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