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Servers | IGS | Teaching game, 7p vs 4k with 7H. Why playing purely defensive?

2009-02-13 Expert: Euphorie Rate: (4.7)  3 ratings

Teaching game, 7p vs 4k with 7H. Why playing purely defensive?

Another High Handicap game with a pro against a kyu player. You will see that black kept the game as simple as possible, and never used his sente to try to harass white. Finally the pro resigned without having tried to complicate the game. Of course he would have won such a game easily.

My thoughts about this :

While keeping things simple is surely wise when you are ahead in an even game or in tournament handicap games, I think for a teaching game, even more so with a pro, you should try to use your stones actively. If 2 players of vastly different strengths were to play an even game, the weaker player will of course be always defending every single time, here comes the handicap stones : to allow the weaker player to attack.

This way, the opponent will be under pressure, and will have a harder time harassing you. Also it will create interesting situations, or allow the stronger player to create some, so you can progress with a concrete example (double attack, leaning attack to name a few). It's quite an opportunity to play a pro and I think the game should be played so you learned things hard to understand alone, also if something goes wrong (it should, otherwise, you wouldn't need handicap) he can show you better variations.

This opinion is only mine, feel free to disagree.


1d ( KR ) 2009-02-19 08:02
The essence of a teaching (which, if played against a pro, is usually handicap) game is not in who won or lost, but whether someone learned something or not.

But, how to learn something if one avoids fighting?
On the other side, how to learn anything if one unreasonably rushes into complicated fights, which are bound to be won by a pro, and gets butchered?
Even if a pro purposely let his opponent get away with such style, weaker player might think that he got much stronger and soon would be very dissapointed, and might even stop playing.
2009-02-16 06:02
there is a lot of ways to win a won game ( handicap game), the real question is how many of your move is slow or wrong which allow your opponent to catch up. the best move may be just simply defense, there is nothing wrong with it

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