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2011-01-05 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

Showtime and fireworks with Lee Sedol

      What a funny game ! After a relatively calm start, Lee entered black sphere of influence with move 32. Black attacked from outside and tried to encircle the intruder , but Lee didn´t seem to care much and continued to erase the upper territory with his eyeless group.
      It is something funny on Korean servers, unusual to Europeans. When somebody thinks he is winning, he can activate the fireworks (animated fireworks from his avatar picture) and say something like that : "Take it!", "Do you have 2 eyes there ?" or "You need to study more, my friend !" and so on. If you don´t take it to serious, I think this is amusing. So black completely surrounded the white group and, after every move, lighted the fireworks like a declaration of victory.
      But well, look who is on the other side ! It happens to be one of the best players in the world ( the best one considered by many). So it was no surprise for me that white easily broke the wall and went out. Black has strengthen himself all over and my thoughts were if white had enough territory for a win.
      With his unique style, Lee started to attack what appeared to me like strong black groups. One after another. Eventually  he killed one and triggered the fireworks with humor. Unbelievable game ! Watching it live is even more entertaining.

               "idontca1" 9D (Lee Sedol) -  Korea: 89 - 18 (36701 p)
               "kongjugan" 9D - China : 379 - 259 (36555 p)


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